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Activate Better Search while browsing spaces: This will toggle the Better Search bar while browsing spaces. Note that if the plugin in unlicensed, these changes will not take affect. If activated and the current space has categories, those categories will automatically be loaded into the filters as seen on the right.

If current space does not have categories: Determine how Better Search should search when the current space you're browsing does not have a category.

    • Search all spaces: Default setting. Searches every space for search query.
    • Search current space only: Automatically loads the current space into the search filters as seen on the right.

Final Notes

In 6.14, the default search UI was updated, requiring us to modify some features of the add-on. Display attachments, blog posts, and spaces in Better Search dropdown are now options in the official search UI, so each of them have been removed from the configuration options. This plugin is incompatible with version 6.14 because manipulating the Space Category dropdown is the main purpose of this plugin, but the Space Category dropdown wasn't added until the next update, 6.15