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Inserting HelloSign Macros in Documents

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Inserting HelloSign for Confluence macros into documents is easy. You begin by typing a left brace "{" into the page editor and begin typing "HelloSign...", and there are 5 macros that you can choose from:

  1. Checkbox 
  2. Date
  3. Initial 
  4. Signature
  5. Text

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All five HelloSign macros give you these same options while editing them:

  1. Required: This will determine if the macro field will be required to fill out by the signer before completing the signature request.
  2. Signer: You can select which signer on the popup this macro belongs to if there are multiple signers on a single document.
  3. Label: Add a label to the field e.g. "signer_1"
  4. Unique-Id: Add a unique id to the field e.g. "1"

The Label and Unique-Id fields are optional.

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The HelloSign Text Macro adds a validation option that can be used to validate the text field. The options are letters only, numbers only, phone number, bank account number, bank routing number, email, zip code, social security number, or employer identification number.

The Validation field is also optional.

 Sending Signature Requests