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After installing the HelloSign for Confluence Plugin, you will find the HelloSign Admin Section section in the Confluence Administration left-side menu. You might have to refresh the page after plugin installation. 

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You will need to configure a couple things before being able to send out signature requests.

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Clicking on the "HelloSign Settings" link will take you to the configuration screen that Confluence administrators can edit.


  1. API Key: The API Key entered will need to be linked to a HelloSign Account that has paid API signature requestsSignature Requests. Find out more here.

  2. Redirect URL: After signers complete signature requests sent from the plugin, they can be redirected to this specified URL instead of the default HelloSign page. For example, you can send the signers to your homepage.

  3. Checkbox: Checking this allows completed signature request documents to automatically be attached to Confluence pages.


All users that will be sending out signature requests will need to authorize the HelloSign for Confluence Plugin. You can authorize the plugin on your profile under the Settings tab. This allows the plugin to make signature requests on your behalf of individual users instead of the API Key account holder. Access can be revoked if needed. If you do not have a HelloSign account yet, you can create one in a new tab and return when you are done.

Inserting HelloSign Macros in Documents