Sending Signature Requests

HelloSign for Confluence adds two page actions into the page tools drop-down menu. First is the HelloSign Signature Request which will give you the following popup after clicking it.

In the HelloSign Signature Request Popup you can insert the subject and message of the signature request, specify the names and email addresses of the signers, and optionally attach the signature request to another page within Confluence.

Checking the Status of Signature Requests

After sending out a signature request on a page, the HelloSign Status page action is now available in the page tools drop-down menu.

Each signature request for the current page can be seen in the pop up dialog. The sender, date sent, and signers with their statuses are shown.

If you sent out a signature request using the HelloSign for Confluence add on, you will be notified as signers sign the HelloSign document.

If the automatic attachments feature is turned on, the signed document will also be attached to the page.

Canceling Signature Requests

The cancel button can be found in the HelloSign Status popup. Signature requests can only be cancelled before they are complete, and it can only be cancelled by the user that sent it.

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