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After installing and licensing the Better Search for Confluence plugin, refresh the Confluence Administration page and you will find the Better Search section on the left hand menu. Clicking "Configuration" will take you to the set up screen.

Configure the Better Search plugin on the setup screen. 

  • Activate Better Search while browsing spaces: This will toggle the Better Search bar while browsing spaces. Note that if the plugin in unlicensed, these changes will not take affect.

  • Display attachments, blog posts, and spaces in Better Search dropdown: Choose what results you want while searching in a space.

  • When Enter/Return is pressed in Better Search, search spaces with the same categories: When enter/return is pressed while in the search box, you can search using the categories of the current space.

  • If current space does not have categories: Determine how Better Search should search when the current space you're browsing does not have a category

To create better searches, add categories to your spaces in the space settings. Using the space directory, you can view and filter these categories. While Better Search is activated, the search results will come from spaces in the same categories as the current space. To edit space's categories you must be a space admin. Go to the space -> Space Tools → Overview → then hit the edit button for Categories.

As you can see from the example, searching the word "home" only returns results from the spaces that were categorized as "internal" or "knowledge-bases". Remember that Better Search is only available while browsing spaces.

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