Admin Setup

HelloSign for Confluence requires at least a Silver Tier subscription which grants OAuth and API Signature Requests. Any users planning on making API requests must have a Developer or Admin Role on their HelloSign team. This allows them to create signature requests using the app. To make these changes you must be a HelloSign Admin. Login to HelloSign and go to your settings, then under the Team tab you will have options for each user as seen below.

Additional information on HelloSign Roles can be found here.

Click here for more on HelloSign API pricing.

After installing and licensing the HelloSign for Confluence Plugin, you will find the HelloSign Admin section in the Confluence Administration left-side menu. You may have to refresh the page after plugin installation. 

Clicking on the "HelloSign Settings" link will take you to the configuration screen that Confluence administrators can edit.

  1. Redirect URL: After signers complete signature requests sent from the plugin, they can be redirected to this specified URL instead of the default HelloSign page or the default for the account. For example, you can send the signers to your homepage. This field is optional.

  2. Checkbox: Checking this allows completed signature request documents to automatically be attached to Confluence pages.

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